8 Easy Ways to Help You Learn Spoken English

Jul 7, 2023 Uncategorized

Pronunciation is always a huge barrier on the way towards speaking English fluently. This is typical because of the many accents there are under the English language. Confusion may come in as a result and you may not know the proper pronunciation of a word. Obviously, you will have that difficulty of saying words correctly.

Here is a collection of tips to help you improve your spoken English skills:


  • Compile a good number of audio materials about the spoken English language and word usage. Listen to them as though you are listening to your favorite music or to a special someone telling you he loves you.
  • Read a paragraph and use a tape recorder to capture the way you say that paragraph. Listen to yourself. Use a tape recorder to record your voice as you read the proper pronunciation of each vowel and consonants. You may compare similar words from your recording with your audio materials. Do re-recordings of pronounced words until you are satisfied with how you are able to say them.
  • Watch an English movie and  aulas de inglês particulares take note of the different accents there are.
  • Look at the mirror and notice how your jaw drops or how your lips fold as you mimic the correct pronunciation of words. Try making this as part of your habit.
  • Practice and practice. Aside from reading and listening, go ahead and talk to people who are native English speakers or very good in pronunciation of English words. Apply what you have learned and ask for tips.
  • Be open to suggestions while you listen and speak the language with your partner.
  • Go online, join a voice chat program or enroll in English conversational classes. There are great online English courses which are affordable and will address your individual needs.
  • Learn to tongue-twist. It helps you exercise your jaw for better pronunciation of words. It is recommended to say tongue-twisters at least once a day in front of the mirror. Refrain from jumping from one tongue-twister to another – try mastering one set before moving on to the next tongue-twisting activity.


Learning English is made easier through the Internet. However, to learn spoken English means putting a lot of perseverance and diligence into it. And you have guessed it correctly: it can be fun and it is also up to you.