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Thank You Lord – Praying

People worldwide care and are praying!

All over the world, people are praying
for people in the USA.

Praying in Europe,
Praying in Australia,
Praying in Africa,
praying especially for those
who are in New Jersey…
and in New York, near New York City.

that’s a step toward peace.

Praying for people…
that’s a healing event,
a healing global event,
bringing 2012 to an end with prayer
for those in places they might never
have had a willing thought to pray for.

Thank you Lord for giving us the gift of prayer.
I, too, am praying for those who are experiencing
the devastation that’s happening on the East Coast.

My family’s there.
I’m blessed to be able to talk,
cell phone to cell phone to know
they are safe….
safe and helping others…
and I continue to pray for them
and for all who are struggling.

Praying for all the people on the East Coast
is a way of helping heal the world…

Thank you Lord that my family is safe.
Everything’s closed…
and my brother’s out cleaning up the mess
because he’s strong,
because he walks to work…
and they called him to work…
even though they’re closed…
because he can make a difference.

People are helping people.
People are making a difference.

Despite being told not to go outdoors,
the police in my family’s town mapped out
where is safe, where to avoid.
The trained volunteer emergency folks,
all at home… are taking care of neighbors…
listening 24×7 to plectrons (off the grid!)
and redeploying to help people be safe.

Terrible devastation…
yet a leap of faith is happening too.

The world is praying.

The human spirit is leaping to help,
each one person doing what they can to
go make a difference.

Hearts are opening…
the world is preparing
for a kind of internal
growth spurt.

Thank You Lord.
Please help me help others through prayer.
Please help each of us open our hearts.
What a difference 2013 will be with opened hearts…
a time of healing,
a time of growth,
a time of people who dare to
go make a difference.

When each of us pauses to open our heart…
there’s a space here and now for
Let it begin with me.

Thank You Lord – Wow to Chinese Medicine

Thank you Lord, my substitute doctor delivered delightfully.
Wow, what a blessing.

Please help others to get that healing…
Chinese medicine is so amazing.
Healing mind and body.

That mind body connection stuff’s for real.
You made us with both…
Working on both!
Wiped my tears
cleared the pain.

Happy to walk again.

Guess that the bed rest helped.
Forcing two miles every day wasn’t bright, huh?
O well.

MD said… use it or lose it…
and no good way to heal just time.

Today’s heated moxa, indirect moxa?
Those Chinese folks over thousands of years…
Thank you for the Chinese folks, Lord.
Today their teaching delivered good stuff
to me through my doctor.


Feeling much consoled.
Still in some pain but in no danger of passing out from pain.
Not at all;)

Makes for much appreciation of walking.
And dancing!

So amazing that I can dance in choir.
Dancing does remove tears.
Dancing delights my heart.

No standing still for me!
Dancing. Gently! ’tis my signature now.

suppose disturbs some.

O well.

Thank you Lord!

Three articles got published on Street Articles today.
Lots of visitors to those pages already.
Awesome. Thank you Lord.

New review of my draft sales page.
Lots of great input.
Thank you for so many blessings today Lord.

Many more too… too many to count!


Thank You Lord – My Two Cents Story Today (How 2-cents became a meal and 6-cents)

You do know God has a sense of humor, right? I’m trusting that if you’re in this audience, you’re okay with laughing in worship.

[note to self – share my two cents story here and now as in simply type up the facts]

That’s it.

Simply the facts.

The way it happened.

By the way I’m guessing that you laughed. Maybe cried too but that’s another story, we’re focusing on laughing today! Do you want more – but in your own life? If so, here’s how to get started.

7 Steps Of How To Get Contentment And Joy Right Now

Step 1. Ask!

That’s right.

Simply ask.

Open your heart and ask God, “O LORD please give me an increase in Faith!”

Step 2. Write it down!

Write down what you did in step one so you can remember in your own words, in your own style of prayer, because you have your own relationship.

Step 3. Hold your horses!

Hey, did you really write it down in a way you’ll remember?

I wrote it down on an index card.

Index cards can be stuck on mirrors, moved to pockets, even used as a bookmark to find later.

If you want to learn from me, it’s important that you actually take action.

No pen?

No paper?

Stop whining!


Be creative –

Open Something.

Copy and paste.

Hint: whatever else you may write, include these words:

O LORD please give me an increase in Faith!”

Or bookmark my site 🙂

Click here to add this website to your favorites!

Step 3.1 Abuse is a special case

Are you or someone you love recovering from abuse? If so, you’re gonna need index cards to use what I give for help so you can pray them at your bedside when you go to bed, then again whenever you wake up… including in the morning. Then tuck them in your pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase for the day.

Check out my section Prayer – Abuse Recovery Prayer

Write each prayer down on an index card so you can heal.

They are only recently online, but each of those arose in prayer a couple years ago from an Ignatian Spirituality practice, a prayer style that I studied and that I now attempt in my own broken way to practice throughout my day as well as in particular spots in my day.

Putting these prayer cards online came up in prayer, too, repeatedly. Sigh. Not my idea. Definitely! In fact, I resisted mightily! Yet it kept coming up in prayer, to put them up online somewhere someday. ‘Til one day it came up in prayer to start to put it up “Now!” … extremely gentle but very specific and very definite… so I finally realized… Oh! That’s You! Yes Lord…

Step 4. Recognize faith!

What is faith?

Faith is a relationship with Jesus.

Your relationship with Jesus is your faith.

Step 5. Contentment and joy flow from your faith.

But part of your faith is you go make a difference in the world.

That’s right. You get to go make a difference in the world.


Faith in action is powerful.

In fact, faith in action is where contentment and joy reside.

How do you figure out what your special difference is in the world?

By asking God and being open to finding out.


“Yeah Right!” comes to mind (two words I used on the phone to an IRS agent who called me once upon a time; funny only now! later when I sued the IRS, they sent me a check along with an apology “…if… any inconvenience…”)

It’s okay if you’re stuck on “YEAH RIGHT!” read on!

Okay, so I’m at IKEA where my 2-cents turned into 6-cents, a bottomless water (priceless;), coffee with organic half-and-half… preparing to go over to the Grotto to work on teaching lessons by email on how to get from raw dream to reality online…

I’m contented.

Filled full of contentment and joy 🙂

Kind of like a kitten sitting on someone’s lap purring…

and Maybe You’re Not.

Here’s a practice that’s easy to try in less than 5 minutes right now:

I listen over and over to a YouTube video, “Shine Jesus Shine” and I’m guessing you can at least duplicate that part, maybe even Right Now? I mean, you’re online reading this, hmmm…

Shine Jesus Shine

Step 6. Repeat Step 1 and Step 4.

Hmm I’ve been repeating the video since I got it from our choir, so I’m hazarding a guess that it wouldn’t hurt for you to include that too ‘eh? If you’re serious about wanting some of that contentment and joy stuff anyways 🙂

Than? Repeat the YouTube Video in Step 5!

Step 7. Open your heart.


That’s the key.

That’s the truth.

Open your heart because God loves You just as you are right now.

Hmm and one thing I bumped into was a note I made a long time ago and it was in the midst of a big as yet unpacked open red woven baskety thing so I’m hazarding another guess in my feeling it’s maybe useful for you right now … let me see – yup, right under a Rosary blessed by Pope John Paul II … one medal shows Mary, who gave birth to Jesus, with the words above her “I am the Immaculate Conception” which the church gave as Mary’s title. It kind of means Mary got born baptized. As in, without original sin.

Nope, nothing to do with sex 🙂

The church teaches that Mary got to start out her life without original sin. Her parents had sex and brought her into the world in the regular way.

Then Jesus grew in her as a human from the moment of his conception until he was born as a human being.


Here’s that note:

I am whole and perfect as I was created.

‘Tis a broken world. But God made you and made you to last forever. You’re just not in heaven yet. Yep. We’re in a broken world but you can still reach for and experience contentment and joy if you want to.

P.S. I’m just getting started so I’m kindof using this as my own notes space here. But! Maybe helpful for you, too… If you enroll in the IKEA family as they call their shopping card, you get free coffee or tea every time you visit in person. And wifi!

By the way do you work for IKEA? If so may I pass on a suggestion from one of your customers who just said to me as I put organic half and half into my refilled coffee mug… “They should put a big sign here about the Tea!” because she looked all over for it… and she’s right!

P.P.S. This is to remind me but maybe you’ll find it useful too… I sure did when I bought my bed last month. Yum!

“Eat for FREE! Dine in our restaurant and we’ll deduct the price of your total restaurant purchase from any home furnishing purchase over $100 * Offer valid Nov 10-12 . Nov 23-25 . Dec 8-9 . Jan 19-21 . Feb 15-18 . Mar 9-10 . Apr 13-14 . Apr 27-28 . May 25-27 . July 20-21 . Aug 3-4 * Restaurant purchase must be consumed on the premises. Limit one restaurant receipt per store discount. Home furnishings purchase must be made the same day as the restaurant purchase. Not valid on IKEA Gift Card purchases. Simply hand over your IKEA Restaurant receipt with coupon to the store cashier to have your discount applied. Total home furnishing purchase must be $100 or more before tax. Offer may vary in IKEA Carson”

(check with your IKEA if you’re counting on using this because I just typed it from the flip chart on my table here by PDX Portland airport in the USA! Anyways I’m going to keep this page up to date so that I can use it to remind me not to spend somewhere else on those days… or if I’m about to, to wait!)

Ahhh… 3 small incredible cups of hot coffe in me… just a few ounces each time to keep ’em coming hot…

Finish this later because ’tis time to go to the Grotto, “Now!”


thank you

Thank You Lord!

Thank You Lord – Shaking Dust!

Your word is indeed a lamp for my feet..

Those who do not welcome?
You have a teaching!


Shake the dust from your feet
in testimony against them…

Not only shake the dust,
not only testimony,
you set avoidance!

Those were your instructions to your apostles when you sent them forth.

Instructions when not welcomed.

Abuse fits…
mathematically speaking
as many standard deviations
beyond the norm of welcome.

Forgiveness is a separate behavior.

Separate lesson.
An internal matter,
so to speak.

unwelcoming behavior…
is neither
nor aked.

Let along desirable!

Accepting the unacceptable




I did it!
I do it…

I shake the dust from my feet
in testimony against you.

Each person…
for now and forever
I give honest permanent
testimony against you.


That will help me avoid tripping over my own feet;)

That’s part of the freedom of the children of God, isn’t it?

In discrimination situations, too…
honest permanent testimony against discrimination.

So be it!

That’s what “AMEN!” means.


Thank You Lord.

Please guide me as I shake the dust from my feet…

I Love You Lord!
Thank you for forgiving me…
please help me to continue to forgive
as I shake dust;)

Thank you Lord – Grounded in You!

Thank you Lord for giving me access to blessings from Your church today through one of Your servants who is doing Your will in serving Your church.


Thank you for grounding me in prayer.


Grounded in You

I live



Grounded in You?

I can live


and each



Thank you Lord!


Thank you for being able to get the blessings of Your church today.


Thank you for being able to then sit with you,

content to be in Your Real Presence.


Thank you for access to my favorite prayer,

for the ability to attend daily Mass




That’s a great




Thank you for calling people to serve.


Thank you for all our clergy.


Please guide them through each



Please bless them as they each seek to do Your will



Please especially bless those who lead…

with extra blessings


I Love You Lord – Thankful

“I love you Lord

I am thankful for your birth, death

and resurrection

for me!


I am appreciating

Your gift  of life.


I am so happy and grateful

now for my life, O Lord!


Thank you Lord!! I am aware

that Everything I need comes to me from You,

in ever increasing quantities,

through multiple sources, on a

continuous basis, and I am delighting in

being able to share

Your abundance, especially through Your

church O Lord.”


by Cynthia Ann Leighton

(From my abuse recovery prayer, “I LOVE YOU LORD!” Card 16)

Thank You Lord – Your Grace Today


Thank you for your grace…

Thank you for your guidance…

Thank you for giving
someone to turn to,

Someone who helped me pray

When I could not.
When my heart broke.

so few words
to be cruel
when delivered
with hatred…
familiar hatred
eyes glowering
like lightning bolts…
from brows furrowed…
voice tight in fury…

Thank you Lord

For the grace
from you…
right now…
I can want
to pray for her

This is
my way of praying
for her

Please, Lord…
I pray that You help heal
whatever cruelty she experienced
which causes her own cruelty.

Please heal me too…

Her cruelty brought up
so much pain,
such a broken world…
unable to bear


Heal our broken world

P.S. Wondering who is Someone who helped me pray? God has truly blessed me in the friendship and caring concern of Fr. Bill Watson, a Jesuit priest and founder and executive director of Sacred Story Institute. It’s a non-profit I’ll be funding as I get on my feet financially so to speak.

By the way, do you want to be blessed too by Someone who helped me pray? If so, you can learn more by clicking here: Sacred Story Examen

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