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Marketing Tips – What To Do When Your Small Business Goes Online

When our small business goes online, as the owner we’re probably temped to hide. Knowing what to do when your small business goes online for the first time makes a difference.

Even so, anything new can be a little bit scary. So it’s certainly understandable!

I’m writing to share a few marketing tips for us as small business owners. Because it can be fun and exciting as we unleash the power of the Internet and begin using Internet marketing.

Call to Action

  • When our small business is online, we want to pay attention to giving a call to action.
  • A call to action is simply a statement that tells a reader what to do, what the benefits are, and how to do it.
  • In fact, we want to practice this as often as possible! It’s okay to include a call to action everywhere our small business is represented on the Internet.

One way we can do this is to give free gifts.

  • Free gifts are popular.
  • When we give free gifts as incentives for answering our call to action, people who fit our free gift are more likely to do what we want them to do.
  • And that’s to begin to engage with us by giving us their contact information and permission to interact.


  • Be direct.
  • Let’s not play games.
  • Instead, let’s stick to simple and easy.
  • Let’s tell people exactly what to do.
  • Let’s tell them what they stand to get as a result of taking action.
  • Let’s promise what will happen when they act. Then let’s do what we say we’re going to do.

As human beings, when we’ve got something that’s actionable, it’s easy for us to act, right? That’s true for the people we want to attract to us.

That’s because human beings let go of being indecisive or even lost when we know what to do next, how to do it and that there’s a result coming that we want as our own specific outcome.

So let’s give those good feelings to whoever encounters us online. Let’s make it easy to know what to do next, how to do it and what kind of result is going to happen.

Here’s what giving good feelings boils down to:

  • Provide content online.
  • Make it easy for readers who want more to connect with us.
  • Tell our readers about the good stuff that’s going to result.
  • Tell our readers what to do and how to do it.

Let’s give a call to action at the end of our content.

  • Everywhere!
  • Let’s keep it simple.
  • Let’s relate our call to action to whatever our reader just finished reading, listening to or looking at.

What does keeping it simple and easy feel like?

  • Let’s allow our call to action to direct our reader to a link to click.
  • Let’s make the link be to our squeeze page.
  • Let’s allow our squeeze page to do exactly one thing: get contact information.
  • Let’s put that squeeze page right into the content whenever it fits.

Article Marketing

There’s a huge need for answers in life, isn’t there? Article marketing is a way we can share a little bit of our expertise.

When we share a little bit of expertise, people get a little bit of answers. That might be exactly what someone needs right now to take the next step toward solving a problem.

When it does?

We’ve got wow power.

After all, when we guide someone to their next step, we’ve delivered a specific outcome. People love specific outcomes because results matter.

When we’ve earned that wow power, it’s a good time to invite people to join our list to learn more.


  • Because they fit who we can help!
  • Because when we as people finish one next step there’s going to be another and another.
  • Because eventually we as people get stuck again on some next step!

In fact, that’s why article marketing works!

  • We help people before we meet.
  • We help people more when they ask for more by subscribing.
  • Then over time, we engage by helping more.
  • All things being equal, when people are ready to buy they’re more likely to buy from us than from some stranger.

Helping people:

Being on our email list means we get to deliver results in the form of help on a regular basis. As we help, our subscribers begin to respect, like and trust us.

When our subscribers are ready to buy, as buyers they know us, some will choose to buy from us. It’s that simple and easy when the entire process takes place. And it’s that difficult when we don’t have a process in place!

Buyers buy. We want to be a known, respected, liked, trusted adviser when a buyer’s buying takes place.

We help people!

  • That’s what article marketing is about. Helping people!
  • Article marketing is simply the practice of providing content all over the Internet. Providing help in little chunks!
  • Then we place our content in places our best future buyers are likely to be hanging out.
  • Publishers of articles have audiences. People hungry for information! We want to find the places where people who are hungry for what we deliver go.

Publishers generally get paid from the advertisers on their site:

  • Generally publishers don’t pay us for contributing articles.
  • On the other hand, we don’t have to pay to place our stuff. Because our stuff gets to stay there, we benefit from our effort over time.
  • Unlike advertising, we don’t have to pay for the exposure we get with article marketing. The investment we make is our time.

Moving parts:

  • Time is a one-time expense.
  • Article marketing gives us ongoing exposure.
  • It’s the investment of your time when we write ourself – or the still one-time expense of paying staff or outsourcing the writing.

Business risk:

  • There is a risk. The place we put our stuff may boot us out or may go under.
  • Being in business is risky. We simply must choose wisely – and be prepared to say, “O well!” when the places we choose go under.
  • That’s why we don’t put all our stuff in one place!

Exposure appetizers?

  • Our articles are appetizers.Our email lists are appetizers too.
  • That’s to say, we make an exposure that doesn’t fill up our readers.

We want our readers to want more!

  • So, let’s prepare our readers to want more.
  • Let’s keep our appetizers in the realm of stuff that increases appetite.
  • Our call to action goes at the end of each article.
  • Our squeeze page goes at the other end of the link!


  • Our squeeze page collects contact information.
  • But when we can put the technology right with the article? It’s easier for our reader, so that’s often a good choice.
  • Our list technology goes into action automatically, delivering our free gift and sending our welcome message.

Portion control in article marketing:

  • When someone consumes the entire appetizer? We want them to reach our call to action still hungry for more.
  • Let that more be a free gift, some kind of information gift we make ourself so we build credibility by showing our expertise.
  • Let’s make it easy for our readers to follow through, “Right now!” while the appetizer of the article has them “still hungry!”
  • We want the growling stomach urgency of having eaten our appetizer to drive a hunger for more, “Right now!” while that taste is still upon the tongue.

Hungry readers act!

  • We give clear directions. That’s how we get subscribers.
  • Fresh new subscribers get good stuff you automatically deliver.
  • Our subscribers learn to respect, like and trust us.
  • Over time, when our subscribers choose to buy from the world, they choose us simply and easily because they got to know us and because when buyers buy they buy from someone!


Unleashing the power of the Internet requires volume.

I’ve shared a little bit of my new skills. Here’s another example, I released tiny information products that generated $41,650 revenue by over 150 affiliates in a testing mode. I deleted them (I was testing!) and am updating them as I prepare to sell my own work myself because it helped me choose my direction.

Turning up the volume

  • Article marketing is one way for people to find us. That’s why I’ve done a few here and there, in learning and testing.
  • It’s time to do more. Lots more. For me. For you!
  • It’s time to turn up the volume. Let’s share our expertise!

We want and need to do article marketing in volume. Turning up the sheer volume of stuff we get onto the Internet for people to find us with matters. Because that’s how people find us.

Here’s an example of volume! Sean Mize submitted thousands of articles, resulting in visitors and even articles about how he uses article marketing for traffic generation. Now people continue going to his body of work, year after year.

That’s staying power! That’s what to do when your small business goes online. Later, we can advertise. Let’s start out with exposure we don’t need to pay for more than the one time we create the content itself!

Secret of success online

  • The best kept secret of success online is to take action.
  • The next best kept secret of success online is to keep it simple and easy.

Start small

  • Starting small is doable.
  • Simple and easy is doable.


Let’s stay in the mode of learning while we apply what we learn.

Take action

Take as much action as you can. Let’s learn as we implement, not instead!


Let’s make a plan. Knowing which action to take next comes from our plan.

Even as we change our plan! Let’s know our next step so we can take action.

That’s marketing tips on what to do when your business goes online.

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