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Leadership Tips – How To Write An Email

Leadership tips are often simple concepts made memorable. How to write an email is intended as a leadership tip for you to use.

First tip? Keep it simple and easy.

Whatever we do, that’s good advice. In life and in business, right?

How to write an email has extra dangers unless we stick with simple and easy. That’s because with email there’s no context.

Email has no context:

  • Because email lacks your handshake
  • Because email is missing your formal bow.
  • Because email doesn’t show your respectful greeting.
  • Because your tone of voice is stripped out.
  • Because your smile doesn’t go with the email.

When we write an email, it’s by typing out words and sending them off on the Internet. Quite often, we probably write email day in and day out without pausing to think.

Most people do! But there is a danger.

How we write an email is one of those little things that matters far more than we may realize.

That’s exactly why I’m writing. Our email matters. A lot!

5 Habits To Gain On How To Write An Email

Changing habits can be difficult. After all, it took effort over time to develop a habit.

Unlearning one thing can be challenging. Learning a new thing can be a challenge.

Combining unlearning with learning? Yikes.

That’s why it’s best to stick with simple and easy. Life’s complicated enough as it is.

When we choose to change our habits we only need an instant.

  • So let’s decide right now!
  • Let’s make our email effective.
  • Let’s do it in simple and easy ways.

When we choose to implement a change, we may need a lifetime. People often do simply because implementation is where we as human beings get stuck.

But let’s focus on making it so right now!

  • Let’s do it in tiny steps because when we keep change simple it’s doable.
  • Let’s commit because we matter so we can make a difference.
  • Let’s engage starting now so we can learn how to write an email.

New Habits:

(1)  Let’s use our subject line well!

Let’s pay attention to saying, “Hello!” Let’s do so in ways that fit us.

Let’s include words we normally would use to grab attention.

Because that’s how we’ll succeed online! Writing a subject line that gets our intended audience to open our email gets results.

(2)  Let’s greet our reader!

Our first sentence is right after our headline. That’s where people go next.

But there’s a momentary gap of time between that action of, “Click!” and our first words entering a mind eagerly prepared to connect with us.

Let’s go ahead and ask a question if that matches our style. After all, questions are quite effective in how to write an email because we’re focusing attention on the human being who just opened our email.

Let’s greet like a handshake. Or like a bow if that’s our style.

Let’s be personable. Let’s be ourself!

That’s how we’ll write the first sentence of our email in a way that reflects well on us as a leader. That’s how we’ll get results.

(3)  Let’s share a story!

Our reader no doubt has read far too many emails before ours. Including boring ones!

One way to avoid being boring is to share what we’re trying to accomplish in a story. Our story can be simple and easy. Our story can be so short it may fit in one sentence.

When a story fits, we’re memorable. That’s how we’ll be memorable in how we write our email. Let’s allow our leadership to shine through by the stories we choose to try out in our emails.

Because stories make a difference. Because stories get results.

(4)  Let’s ask a question!

Asking questions gets people thinking! When we learn to make this part of our style after we share a story.

Yes, even if we start out with a question followed by a story! We can still ask a question next.

It may fit. It may not.

But let’s try so we can find out! It’s a great new habit to engage people

Let’s engage our reader. A question can open a mind and a heart.

Opening minds gets a little bit of thinking and wondering in play. That’s helpful, right?

When we open people’s minds and hearts we prepare for action.

(5)  Let’s call for action!

When we want people to take action, we can help them to do so. We can help by giving clear instructions and clear benefits for acting.

Let’s dare to tell our reader what to do. Let’s dare to give a good reason.

Let’s be clear. Let’s be concise.

That’s how our writing gets our reader to take action!

  • We make it simple and easy.
  • We inspire our reader to want to do what we invite them to do.

(6)  Let’s sign Off!

How to write an email includes a personal touch in ending. Ending our email is when we send people off with a good feeling.

How we’re signing off is a personal style thing. I often end with, “Peace” or “Blessings” — or both! — because that feels like it fits for me now.

What fits you? Use that as your closing!

When we do all this we’ve learned how to write an email!

  • Because that’s how to write an email that matters.
  • Because we get to engage with our reader.
  • Because we’ve written an email that matters to our reader!
  • Because our email now has a chance to get results that matter to us.

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