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How To Test What Works Online And What Doesn’t Work Online

How do you test what works and what doesn’t work online? That’s a question that’s often overlooked. You’ve got to test and you’ve got to work from your heart. Both are crucial.

SO congratulations for thinking about working from your heart and for checking out how to test what works online and what doesn’t work online! That’s a powerful step. You’re already well on your way by the simple recognizing of a need to work from your heart and that testing can help.

Starting over

To some extent, how to test what works and what doesn’t work online is a matter of going off and doing stuff. Let it fly and see what happens.

I did that when I released my test products. One flew off the proverbial shelves of online sellers. Two others sold a few. The rest flopped to a grand total of Zero.

But? Who knew that in a short time $41,650 could be generated?

Not me. Not til it did anyways.

That was on 100% commission to the sellers. And I wasn’t ready… so I didn’t build a list for the back end benefit.

I’m writing my journey so you can skip the painful parts! You got it: not having a list in a list building feeding frenzy can be painful.

You need to be ready…


Testing whatever you’re doing right now is how to find out what works online and what doesn’t work online. Seriously.

Each time you offer something new, you’re starting over.

You’re starting over at the beginning of the process! It can be exciting when you keep your focus tight.

That’s what entrepreneurs do. Day in and day out, starting over with something new.

Innovation and marketing

On the other hand, when you start over from scratch it may look like the worst of times. Yet how to get where you’re going as an entrepreneur includes gaining insights on helping other people that you can only truly appreciate by being there.

That proverbial walking a mile in someone’s shoes! It’s real.

It’s part of entrepreneurialism, too. And it’s the value of innovation and marketing that gives you the answer to how to test what works online and what doesn’t work online.

Personal growth

Brokenness occurs in all walks of life, all income levels and at all ages. How to get where you’re going as an entrepreneur includes how you grow as you overcome all kinds of problems.

The personal growth you gain as an entrepreneur is part of what you impart to your buyers. You’re delivering results, and results come from what you’ve survived as much as from everything else.

Brokenness in business is not just about finances, technology or the start-up process. How to get where you’re going as an entrepreneur is as much about your personal and spiritual growth.

Your online business is a process

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re building your own process. Your vision for your business and what you deliver comes together bit by bit.

Your process must include trying things out. Your testing must include tossing stuff out too!

When you go broke you’ve got your whole life ahead of you to look forward to. That’s where I’m at right now as I start my life over again.

You learn

I’ve learned a lot! And in the process of starting over, I’ve applied my background and education to the Internet.

My psychology degree focused on the psychology of learning. So I’ve got that to bring to the table for my clients!

My computer science degrees included opportunities to teach, as a tutor in college and as an instructor at graduate school. Those are skills that are proving useful now.

Whether you’re already in business as I am (and starting over!) or if you’re simply starting from scratch, you’ve got a first step that’ll serve you well as you learn how to test what works online and what doesn’t work online.

Look at you!

Look at you, yourself. Consider all your skills.

Find ways to update your business and your skills so you can try something online like I did. If you don’t have a company (I own Software Enterprise Limited) get the advice you need locally to start one.

Then let it fly. Learn. Trust yourself!

Put in effort over time. Start helping people! Use what you already know how to do.

You’ll find out along the way how to test what works online and what doesn’t work online.

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