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How To Connect With God And Experience Joy

Pray! That’s how to connect with God and experience joy – sometimes!

Many times when you pray you simply don’t feel anything. That’s normal.

So if you don’t feel anything when you pray, don’t worry. Simply know that that’s okay.

Still pray. Don’t let anything stop you from praying.

Even if all you can even imagine doing right now is screaming. You can scream out to God.

Help! That’s a one word prayer.

In fact, that’s still my most frequent prayer. And that’s okay.

Don’t worry. Prayer’s not about feelings.

Experiencing joy doesn’t require feeling anything in prayer. Prayer is real communication, just as joy is a real part of the peace of God.

Not feeling God doesn’t prevent you from connecting with God and experiencing joy.

Not feeling God doesn’t need to stop you from experiencing God’s peace.

Even when your life is an unending scream for Help! I speak from experience.

No matter what your prayers are, simply keep praying. You will learn how to connect with God and you will experience joy.

Keep at it. That’s right. Holler away.

When you draw near to God, God will draw near to you. When you’re running on empty, simply scream for help.

One simple word, “Help!” is sufficient.

One word, honestly and intently offered, is a prayer.

If that one word is your only honest prayer, then by all means let it be the only one you offer. Keep giving that honest prayer.

Be honest with God.

That’s how to connect with God and experience joy.

How you live your life creates a stronger connection to God. Screaming for help is honest.

Screaming for help is a living witness. Your scream for help can help others just as much as any other prayer.

Prayer is real. Prayer is how to connect with God and experience joy

When you talk with God regularly you learn how to connect no matter what’s happening. That’s a key to how to connect with God and experience joy.

So go ahead, scream for help.

Scream bigger and wilder than you know how to be!

Then pay attention to the listening end of your conversation with God. You’ll find joy.

One thing that I’ve gained ever more deeply with each time things go awry is a sense of gratitude for my ability to remain in prayer. My feeling of joy and contentment is real.