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Dream! How To Make Money With Your Mailing List

Why bother with mailing lists when you’re just starting to dream?

How do you make money with your mailing list anyway?

These are two questions people ask online in many different forms.

Recognizing the value of your dream

Good news for you! If you’re wondering about your dream and how that might fit later with email lists and how to make money with your mailing list you’re on the right track.

The first step is to begin to recognize the concept of the value of your dream.

From there, don’t worry. Take action, instead — most importantly, do the dreaming in your heart and mind!

The rest will follow. You’ll learn.

As you learn, you’ll naturally feel a little bit of excitement build. When you feel excited, you’ll take action.

Taking action

When you take action your have a good chance. I say a chance because 80% of all businesses fail.

Scary thing to say! But that’s an offline statistic for the USA.

80% of businesses fail in the first three years.

Here’s another statistic: it takes 5 to 7 years to build a business.

That’s an offline statistic. As in something that’s been measured about offline businesses.

But if you think about it, everything takes time to build.

I mean, most people don’t take action about anything on a consistent basis.

Those who do, advance, whether it’s in learning how to sing in a choir, how to lose weight or how to learn to walk again after injuries.

Those are specific examples for me! I’m learning to sing (4 choirs;), I’ve gone from a size 26W to a size 12, and am walking again after serious injuries.

Your dream

When you’re willing to invest yourself, you can succeed. And if you want to learn the soft stuff about how to go from raw dream to reality online in getting started, I am happy to help you – enroll in my email list if you want to learn from me.

But if you think reading (and listening and watching because I’ll have freebies you can listen and watch too!) is enough? You’re in the wrong place.

This place is for people who are willing to do something about their dreams. You’ve got to be a doer not just a reader in order to succeed.

Life’s like that.

Success online and success in anything requires effort.

If you’re looking for some kind of three clicks to success (or one?) then I cannot help you.

But if you’re willing to work? Then you’re going to get help by enrolling in my email list.

You’ll get to see my journey and the journey of some of the folks I help.

Do you want to learn? Then simply fill in your name and email, press join, and go to your email inbox to confirm. You’ll get a free gift, a recording that teaches you how to start your business right. It’s an audio event called, “You Can Laugh At Money Worries By Following This Simple Plan” —