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Thank You Lord – Praying

People worldwide care and are praying!

All over the world, people are praying
for people in the USA.

Praying in Europe,
Praying in Australia,
Praying in Africa,
praying especially for those
who are in New Jersey…
and in New York, near New York City.

that’s a step toward peace.

Praying for people…
that’s a healing event,
a healing global event,
bringing 2012 to an end with prayer
for those in places they might never
have had a willing thought to pray for.

Thank you Lord for giving us the gift of prayer.
I, too, am praying for those who are experiencing
the devastation that’s happening on the East Coast.

My family’s there.
I’m blessed to be able to talk,
cell phone to cell phone to know
they are safe….
safe and helping others…
and I continue to pray for them
and for all who are struggling.

Praying for all the people on the East Coast
is a way of helping heal the world…

Thank you Lord that my family is safe.
Everything’s closed…
and my brother’s out cleaning up the mess
because he’s strong,
because he walks to work…
and they called him to work…
even though they’re closed…
because he can make a difference.

People are helping people.
People are making a difference.

Despite being told not to go outdoors,
the police in my family’s town mapped out
where is safe, where to avoid.
The trained volunteer emergency folks,
all at home… are taking care of neighbors…
listening 24×7 to plectrons (off the grid!)
and redeploying to help people be safe.

Terrible devastation…
yet a leap of faith is happening too.

The world is praying.

The human spirit is leaping to help,
each one person doing what they can to
go make a difference.

Hearts are opening…
the world is preparing
for a kind of internal
growth spurt.

Thank You Lord.
Please help me help others through prayer.
Please help each of us open our hearts.
What a difference 2013 will be with opened hearts…
a time of healing,
a time of growth,
a time of people who dare to
go make a difference.

When each of us pauses to open our heart…
there’s a space here and now for
Let it begin with me.