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I Love You Lord – Enjoying Being Alive!

“I am Thanking You Lord

I am creating a perfect life

I am truly loving and enjoying being alive

I am building a life which fits me

I am focusing on You O Lord

I am growing in every way that You
delight in, Lord!”

by Cynthia Ann Leighton

(From my abuse recovery prayer, “I LOVE YOU LORD!” Card 22)

I Love You Lord – I Am Writing!



I Love You Lord – I Am Praying Always!

“I am praying always!

I am living and breathing in prayer

I am learning to use
more of my mind
and to use it in better ways.

I am sharing myself through the
smiles I give to others.

I am letting Your Love
flow through me

I am letting your light shine
in me and into the world



by Cynthia Ann Leighton

(From my abuse recovery prayer, “I LOVE YOU LORD!” Card 2)

Quick Marketing Tip – Put Content on Ezine Articles!

When you put your content on article directories your readers can click thru to learn more. Ezine Articles is considered the best right now as I write this in 2012.

You can write about any topic. That’s probably one reason Ezine Articles is so popular.

You simply put your content into an article format. That’s typically 400+ words – not a whole lot more are needed either!

You get to put your author bio up on their site.

Click thru to check out these two examples:

(1) me! Cynthia Ann Leighton

(2) Sean Mize

When you get readers include an invitation to your website. Create an information gift to give for subscribing – incentives help!

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Or if you want to read more detailed marketing tips from me?

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Leadership Tips – What To Do After You Get Testimonials

Let other people use testimonials about you.

When you get testimonials, thank you is the most frequent reply. This is just a little reminder that you can help the giver by letting others share your testimonials.

For example, here’s a tiny YouTube video.

It’s by one of my business mentor’s students:

Sean Mize testimonial

What testimonials do you have handy that you can share? You never know what happens when you help people. Sharing a testimonial may prove the exact introduction that the giver of the testimonial needs and wants.

Let others share testimonials about you! That way you continue the helping cycle.

Choose one of your testimonials. Share it with people you’re helping.

Okay, this may seem obvious. Yet the obvious is often the greatest tip so you can act now.