Competitive Advantage! How To Use Internet Marketing For Your Offline Business

How you use Internet marketing is critical for your offline business. I’ll share simply silly ways to gain competitive advantage.

Being innovative is where you succeed. No matter how silly the innovation, you get competitive advantage.

It’s worth it! And anyway, nowadays business development and economic trends require you to innovate.

Seriously. Even if it’s the simplest of innovations, it’s a must have for your business.

Even if your innovation is as silly like the hammer and the nail story I share. Just don’t be like the picture I put here, where the guy’s actually sitting on the tree branch as you saw it off!

Well, unless you’ve got a net. Or something else so that it’s a gimmick with a safe landing!

Anyway, the point of competitive advantage is that you’ve got great innovations inside you. You can let them loose!

I challenge you to do the silliest of innovations. Then measure your results and try something else.

Keep on trying and you’ll keep getting more results. You can plan for helping people and use Internet marketing just to direct foot traffic to your place of business — but why stop there?

Your offline business has a competitive advantage. You know what people are spending money on right now in your area!

You can quickly jot down a list of where people are spending right now. Scanning that list you can figure out what your small business knows that’s on that list.

Circle all of them! Then put your feet up.

Pick one that you could sit down and make an outline that solves a small but urgent problem in that area. Something simple!

Like if someone needed a painting hung on a wall and they had the tools, you could make an information product showing how to use the tools. Hey, it’s something simple that’s a plan for helping people.

Really, I don’t mean that one example to be taken literally but it could. Lots of people have tools with no idea how to use them.

Not everyone has used a hammer. Not everyone has held a nail in their hands.

Not everyone would think of those two tools as going along with a stud finder! You get the idea. Simply plan for helping people.

You have expertise you take for granted as common knowledge.

I’m here with a tech tip to say most people don’t have the common knowlege you have. Or the common sense!

And there’s a lot more tendency to try to do something yourself now. Especially with the expert directions of someone like you.

Grab a mug of a beverage and make up a list. Put up your feet… plan for helping people!

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