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Article marketing draws attention of the people who are like your best future buyers if that’s who you write for! Article marketing is a strategy that makes your effort last for the long haul!

For as long as the places you choose to put your content keep it there. Aha, there’s a catch.

For as long as someone else decides to keep your content online. That can be a scary thought.

If you choose only one place for your content, what happens if it goes away? Well, the short answer is “Oh, well!”

The longer answer is be prepared. For one thing, you better make sure your “one and only” is both stable and planning for the long haul.

For another thing: focus on one but have at least a couple others. There’s no reason to choose only one place!

Make articles in varying styles. That way you’re sure you’ll not end up with the same choices of words.

Match each of your styles to a place for it. Identify a bunch of places and practice.

Find what fits. From among those that fit, find what gives what you’re looking for.

What you’re looking for is not a simple numbers game, either! One qualified best buyer from one source is better than any number of unqualified visitors from another.

When you put your content on social media you’re getting a wide reach. When people search using search engines your content pops up in search results.

When you own your own blog, you control your content completely. That’s why you’ll find many bloggers out there who have their own website. They own where their content shows up.

You’ll find a lot of information on article marketing, including a recent book that combines article writing with strategies for what type of content to create and where to put it. It’s an ebook available on Kindle from Amazon.

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