Thank You Lord – How To Transform Your Entrepreneurial Dreams To Reality

Thank You Lord for ENTHUSIASM.

Enthusiasm rocks;)

Thank You Lord for CONTENTMENT.

Totally wonderful;)

Thank You Lord for JOY.

Today’s been full of joy.

I’ve been an entrepreneur with great financial success… in the past.

Now that I’m in the process of restarting my life, I’m enjoying creating my own product line!

It’s fun.

And I’m applying what I’ve learned from my need to restart life. And what I learned from business success in days past…

I’m amazed as I recall how I was able to build such financial success with such disasters in my personal life.

Because right now I am having my best days. Not financially, no! For sure. Restarting right now means sitting upon the bedrock of starting from the bottom to lay a new foundation.

Yet… I am content. I like the path I am on. I am excited about all that’s happening in my life restart.

I am living each day in contentment and joy.

I’m building products, like my audio event on how to transform your entrepreneurial dreams to reality.

I’m preparing to record a series I’ve designed…

I used to teach at the university level. Computer science for majors – and for faculty members! Because I kept having faculty from other departments;)

First time really freaked me out… tenured Professor of Philosophy.

Anyways, my student reviews all said I was the most enthusiastic professor they’d ever had… so I learned early that enthusiasm is something that matters.

Otherwise it would not have been elicited so often, in response to ordinary questionnaires.

So right now I am reflecting on my enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm for living.

Enthusiasm for helping people.

Enthusiasm feels good today.

I’m looking forward to applying my enthusiasm in person the rest of this year as opportunities open that feel exciting to me for reasons I cannot really fully explain.

And I’m looking forward to recording my 10 hour course in the coming days!

Life restart is exciting.

The world feels new.

Me too;)

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