Thank You Lord – Wow to Chinese Medicine

Thank you Lord, my substitute doctor delivered delightfully.
Wow, what a blessing.

Please help others to get that healing…
Chinese medicine is so amazing.
Healing mind and body.

That mind body connection stuff’s for real.
You made us with both…
Working on both!
Wiped my tears
cleared the pain.

Happy to walk again.

Guess that the bed rest helped.
Forcing two miles every day wasn’t bright, huh?
O well.

MD said… use it or lose it…
and no good way to heal just time.

Today’s heated moxa, indirect moxa?
Those Chinese folks over thousands of years…
Thank you for the Chinese folks, Lord.
Today their teaching delivered good stuff
to me through my doctor.


Feeling much consoled.
Still in some pain but in no danger of passing out from pain.
Not at all;)

Makes for much appreciation of walking.
And dancing!

So amazing that I can dance in choir.
Dancing does remove tears.
Dancing delights my heart.

No standing still for me!
Dancing. Gently! ’tis my signature now.

suppose disturbs some.

O well.

Thank you Lord!

Three articles got published on Street Articles today.
Lots of visitors to those pages already.
Awesome. Thank you Lord.

New review of my draft sales page.
Lots of great input.
Thank you for so many blessings today Lord.

Many more too… too many to count!


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