Thank You Lord – How To Risk Really Living

The pain is so huge right now, Lord.
Physical pain.
Emotional pain.
Please help.

I need to get more done.
I need to earn money for rent.
Please help me to give this to you, Lord.
Whatever you have planned for me, Lord,
Let your will be done.

Help me to risk really living.
Help me to risk living in faith.
Help me to cling ever tighter to you Lord.
Thank you for helping me through this day.
It was a rough one.

Some days are like that.
I offer it up.
In love.

Thank you for loving me, too, Lord.
Thank you for helping me hold close to you today,
giving you the pain…

Thank you for helping me focus on getting the basics done,
creating clean laundry after too much time without doing laundry,
spending o so much too much time it feels, to me, in bed rest.

Yet at the same time, sometimes pushing to the point of
well, what feels like pain blacking out the world.

Thank you for food to eat,
thank you for helping me make progress
on my goals.

A little bit forward progress,
one little bit at a time, marching forward,
toward the goals I have set for myself in work.

in the things of the world.
one step at a time
I hand my every breath
each and every heart beat
to you Lord.
Guide me.
Help me.

Ah… and one article I wrote yesterday
got published today on Ezine Articles.

So that means I am making progress
because I’d stopped…
for too long…
in pain.

Now I commit to write and publish

New habits.

So, here’s a question, dear reader.

Are you ready to risk living in faith?

If so, check out How To Connect With God

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