How To Deliver Awesome Outcomes

How do you deliver awesome outcomes? I’m writing to help you build your business. That’s why I’m telling you about how to deliver awesome outcomes.

Deliver what you already know

How to deliver awesome outcomes is what your  business online must do. You’ve got to figure out exactly what people want most right now from amongst the many things you already know how to do.


You must supply the existing demand. That’s the fancy words that match figuring out what people want to give you money for right now.

Broken world

You’ve survived through a lifetime of problems, right? You’re reading this, in a very broken world, so I know that’s true.

Helping people

You know what else is true? Other people are splat up against the wall with problems you know how to solve.

Part for free

Some of those people can get help from content you place freely online. Kind of like what I’m doing right here.

Part for pay

Others will want, need and be able and willing, even delighted  to hand over stacks of money to you in exchange for the specific outcomes they want as results. Your task is to figure out how to deliver awesome outcomes.

Figure out?

Yes, it’s just a matter of research. Part within; part online.

That’s exactly the right set of words, by the way. Awesome outcomes!

Awesome outcomes, huh?

Yep. And do you know what I know?

I know exactly where many of them are. Inside of you!


Those deeply disturbing problems you solved in order to survive? That’s some of the resilience you must share with the world.

Now’s the time to let loose some solutions in the form of information products you can deliver online. Other ways too, but let’s focus on information products for the moment.

What are information products?

Information products are anything you can package up and deliver using the Internet. For example, you could write a 3-page report or you could record a 5-minute audio.

If it’s an area where you’ve got visual expertise to offer? You could even dish up a 5-minute video that exactly delivers a solution.

But there’s other people giving stuff out free!

Yep. And you’re going to do better than that.

You’re going to give a level of help free. But you’re going to go into more depth to help people who want and need more from you.

You’ve got to do the work of figuring out what you’re good at. You’ve got to figure out through research and testing what exactly is a format for you to deliver.

You’re going to need to learn about list technology too! You’ll have my list building for traffic blog to rely on for some of that too;)

You’re going to become expert at you. That’s how to deliver awesome outcomes!

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