Hi! Thanks for visiting. I’m Cynthia Ann Leighton. My educational background includes degrees in psychology and computer science. My experience as an entrepreneur includes helping people, earning a multiple six figure income by delivering results. 

I’m not there now.

Right now, I’m starting over… yikes too many disasters including surgeries.

Life sure “happens” doesn’t it?

I’m starting over and I’m practicing. If you want help, I invite you to take advantage of the fact that I am restarting, that I am practicing helping people…

Get help from Cynthia Ann Leighton here: http://persistentgrowth.com

You’ll also find prayers where you are right now:

  • Because I’m a survivor of abuse, this includes abuse recovery prayers.
  • I encourage you to hand print them on index cards… whether it’s for you or to hand to a friend.
  • Because sometimes having a prayer card readily at hand can make all the difference in a tough moment!